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Hi Everyone!


Welcome again to Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. Based off of my book Thirty Days to Thirty, a fiction novel that is a fun light hearted or vacation/beach read about a girl accomplishing her bucket list before her 30th birthday.


Although it’s a chick lit, it’s also about self discovery and personal development that is meant to inspire people like me who are almost 30 and want to accomplish those bucket list items that they have been meaning to get to, but tend to let fall to the wayside.


This blog is about my bucket list items that I am accomplishing before I turn 30. I hope they inspire you to do the same!

Graduating in 2008, left most of us with little options. Therefore, I decided that I would go for my masters in order to wait out the financial crises. I hoped by the time I graduated, I would have a better opportunity.

Through the program, I was able to get more internships at places like Modern Bride and Self. With those to add to my resume along with my masters in publishing, I felt this would give me the edge I needed to break in.

I learned a lot, but I’ll never forget my thesis. When I was in my last semester, I was required to write a thesis based on my internship.

I did a TON of research and wrote my thesis on how bridal magazines always survive recessions. Modern Bride was the first bridal magazine and it had been around since the 40s.

The reason that bridal magazines survive recessions, is because every year they get a new readership. New brides that want to know all about the industry and the best dress to wear.

Well I submitted my thesis. A few weeks later, I got two emails at the same time. One, was my teacher letting me know I got an A on my thesis paper. The next, was from Condé Nast, saying that they had made the decision to close Modern Bride.

When Condé Nast had bought Fairchild, they acquired Modern Bride. But since they already had Bride magazine, if anything was going to get the chop, it was going to be Modern Bride.

I literally had gotten in under the wire, and rest assured, no one would be using my thesis as a point of reference. Not to mention all the contacts I had built up, I was losing right and left.

When I wrapped up in the fall of 2009, I came to the realization that even if I did get a job in publishing it wasn’t going to be safe. Publishing houses were either closing or having massive layoffs. Last one hired is usually the first one out the door.

So I decided that maybe I needed to take advantage of my BA in Communications and expand my search into media.

Thank you for reading this entry of Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. I hope this inspires you with your own bucket list to accomplish as much as you can before your 30th or even before your next birthday!


Remember be sure to check out Thirty Days to Thirty if you are looking for a fiction chick lit novel that is a fun, light, vacation or beach read.

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