Hi Everyone!


Welcome again to Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. Based off of my book Thirty Days to Thirty, a fiction novel that is a fun light hearted or vacation/beach read about a girl accomplishing her bucket list before her 30th birthday.


Although it’s a chick lit, it’s also about self discovery and personal development that is meant to inspire people like me who are almost 30 and want to accomplish those bucket list items that they have been meaning to get to, but tend to let fall to the wayside.


This blog is about my bucket list items that I am accomplishing before I turn 30. I hope they inspire you to do the same!

So I’ll admit, this was a random thing to have on my bucket list.  I guess it always intrigued me when I was driving on the West Side highway and I would see this structure on top of Chelsea Piers.

Not only does it look fun, but I figured it’s a cool quirky thing that you can say you did once.

I’m fortunate enough  at my job to  have summer Fridays. So every other Friday in the summer I would take advantage to learn and discover more about the city I love.

I had hoped a few of my teacher friends, who were off for the summer, would have been able to join me, but when schedules didn’t work out, I figured better to have done it alone than not at all.

Living only two blocks from the South Street Seaport, I realized they offered trapeze as well, so I decided to sign up for that one.

The other people I met where a group of girls from Cosmopolitan Magazine (oddly enough) and the other girls were from Zappos. Both were marketing teams doing an offsite.

They offered to take pictures and videos of me that I could share with everyone.

Video below:

I learned a couple things from this experience.

  1. This was one hell of a workout. As someone who works out (hiit, lifting weights, etc) five days a week, this kicked my ass and I only went up about five times in the hour long class.
  2. I bruise like a damn peach. You should’ve seen the back of my knees after this. It looked like someone came up from behind with a baseball bat!
  3. Like I mentioned earlier, better to do alone than not at all. I had a lot of fun and I wouldn’t take that experience back at all.

Thank you for reading this entry of Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. I hope this inspires you with your own bucket list to accomplish as much as you can before your 30th or even before your next birthday!


Remember be sure to check out Thirty Days to Thirty if you are looking for a fiction chick lit novel that is a fun, light, vacation or beach read.

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