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Welcome again to Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. Based off of my book Thirty Days to Thirty, a fiction novel that is a fun light hearted or vacation/beach read about a girl accomplishing her bucket list before her 30th birthday.


Although it’s a chick lit, it’s also about self discovery and personal development that is meant to inspire people like me who are almost 30 and want to accomplish those bucket list items that they have been meaning to get to, but tend to let fall to the wayside.


This blog is about my bucket list items that I am accomplishing before I turn 30. I hope they inspire you to do the same!

Yes, embarrass yourself with karaoke.

I’ve never been a fan of karaoke really. My idea of a good time isn’t going to a bar to hear strangers sing in a pitch that would make dogs start barking.

But Karaoke bars that have private rooms…..

For my birthday one year, Paul surprised me by having my girlfriends capture me and bring me to Lips Lounge, a drag bar in the New York City. It was a lot of fun, until I got pulled up on stage.

After that,  the girls told me we were going to meet the guys at a karaoke bar. I was surprised since Paul knew I wasn’t a fan of karaoke, then again he did just send me to a drag bar.

We had a private room with twenty people, who happened to be my closest friends, so it wasn’t as intimidating.

When I got there though, I said I wasn’t going to sing, I would rather just sit and talk with everyone. Truth was I had never been to a karaoke bar before.

Well, based on the picture above, that didn’t last long.

So what I learned from my experience with karaoke.

Don’t worry about having a bad voice, because no matter how good a voice you have, at 4:00 AM everyone sounds bad.

Drag your friends up with you. They are only going to start singing along anyway.

No one can resist “I will survive”

Expect your throat to be sore the next morning


Thank you for reading this entry of Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. I hope this inspires you with your own bucket list to accomplish as much as you can before your 30th or even before your next birthday!


Remember be sure to check out Thirty Days to Thirty if you are looking for a fiction chick lit novel that is a fun, light, vacation or beach read.

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