Supporting Your Friends

Hi Everyone!


Welcome again to Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. Based off of my book Thirty Days to Thirty, a fiction novel that is a fun light hearted or vacation/beach read about a girl accomplishing her bucket list before her 30th birthday.


Although it’s a chick lit, it’s also about self discovery and personal development that is meant to inspire people like me who are almost 30 and want to accomplish those bucket list items that they have been meaning to get to, but tend to let fall to the wayside.


This blog is about my bucket list items that I am accomplishing before I turn 30. I hope they inspire you to do the same!

Running the New York City Marathon is a bucket list item for many. You spend hours training and then you get to run 26.2 miles to either raise money for a charity, or just to do it for yourself.

While I myself will most likely never be one of these people, I was more than happy to go and cheer on a good friend of ours who was doing it.

If anyone can be considered a professional marathon runner, he’s that guy. His biggest accomplishment was running the Marathon De Sables, which they call the toughest footrace on earth. This is where you run 5 1/2 marathons in six days for a total of 156 miles through the Sahara Desert!

Needless to say the NYC Marathon was a cake walk compared to that. His overall goal is to run 50 marathons in his lifetime, which is amazing.

So even though this wasn’t my bucket list item, going out to support his was truly inspiring.


What I realized, is it’s just as important to support others in their goals. There will be times in your life when you’ll want to do something that you might need some help with. That could be physically or just moral support. But the overall message is the never stop supporting one another. Just that little effort could mean more than you realize and will give them the ability to dream big and achieve it.


Thank you for reading this entry of Courtney Psak’s 30 days to 30 blog. I hope this inspires you with your own bucket list to accomplish as much as you can before your 30th or even before your next birthday!


Remember be sure to check out Thirty Days to Thirty if you are looking for a fiction chick lit novel that is a fun, light, vacation or beach read.


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